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Introducing Xpo Tools

Give yourself an
unfair advantage

Good, reliable suppliers are fundamental to the success
of every business. Xpo Procurement Tools enable you to
search for and reach the best suppliers, whether they’re
around the corner or half the world away.

Create Purchase Profiles and attract matching suppliers
24/7. Find and connect with suppliers who can offer you
better prices, a better service and a competitive edge.

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Better sales leads, better results.

More precise targeting results in higher conversion rates.
Build target audiences by finding and filtering prospects by key
information, such as supply chain level, industry and sector.
Use the Lead Generator tool to send key decision makers tailored
digital campaigns and reach the most suitable prospects.

Showcase your products and services around the clock with Xpo
Sales Profiles, so whilst you’re busy closing deals, we’ll be busy
showing you off to potential customers.

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Design your future

Joining a company that shares your values is vital.
The Xpo-Online Career Inbox tool puts your profile directly in
the hands of hiring managers of companies before vacancies
are even advertised.

Proactively reach potential matching employers with Xpo’s
Profile Promotion tool to boost your chances of getting hired.
Filter opportunities by personality traits, career level and
other key information to find the role that is right for you.

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Focus on who matters

Take the effort out of managing and nurturing relationships with
Xpo’s CRM tool. Organising your contacts with Circles helps you to
better manage your network, and the auto-update feature means
that out-of-date information is no longer a concern.

The CRM tool is easy-to-use and integrated across the platform, so
it can be used both individually and collaboratively within teams.

Hire for attitude.
Train for skill.

The right attitude is not something that can be taught – you either
have it or you don’t. With Xpo Candidate Profiles, you can assess
candidates’ personalities before you even meet them. Gain a deeper
insight and invite the most suitable candidates for an interview.

Advertise your jobs for free with Xpo-Online. Proactively reach
passive candidates using the Job Promotion tool to increase the
number of applicants.

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Keep your cool

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by your never-ending list of
tasks. Inspired by the Eisenhower matrix, Xpo Task automatically
ranks your to-do list by urgency and importance.

By prioritising your day in the most productive way, you’ll free up
more time to spend on what matters to you.