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About Xpo

Xpo-Online has always had goals that go further than making money. Our purpose from day one has
always been to help professionals achieve more in what they do.

Xpo provides smart solutions to challenges faced by businesses in every industry.

Our founder, Metin, is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience running several successful
companies within the food industry. Off-the-shelf software was usually too costly or complicated to use,
which meant that he often had to come up with bespoke tools to deal with challenges faced by each

These tools have evolved over the years and are what now form the basis of Xpo-Online.

Each tool within Xpo has been carefully crafted to overcome a specific obstacle. It has been looked at
from every angle, pulled apart and put back together again, and tested more times than we can
remember - just to make sure that the end product does exactly what you need it to do.

Our Team

Metin Pekin

Founder & CEO

After studying Economics at the University of Greenwich, Metin went on to found and run several successful companies over the last 25 years. His extensive experience in the business world gave him the inspiration to create a platform to help other business professionals.

Russ Harmer

CDO & Product Development

Russ has over 20 years’ experience in design and marketing. He’s worked side by side with Metin for 10 years and has been a key part in turning Xpo into a reality. His role includes developing functionality and user interface to provide the best user experience for our members.

Zerin Pekin-Kocakgol

Marketing & Business Development

From a young age, Zerin has been exposed to the business world through her dad. So, it was only natural that when she graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2015, she joined the Xpo team. Her role is varied, and includes everything from platform development to marketing.

Helen Smith

Marketing & Business Development

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2014, Helen joined the Xpo team. Since then, she has been fundamental in bringing Xpo to life. Her current role involves platform development, all things marketing, and everything in between.