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Professionals around the world use Xpo CRM to grow their network,
strengthen relationships and create opportunities.


Manage all your
contacts in one place

View contacts’ details at a glance.
Use Circles to create focused groups of
contacts and reach them with dedicated and
engaging messages tailored to their needs.
Use Circles to segment your contacts into
similar groups to maximize the relevance
and targeting of your communication.


Keep track of
your network

Keep a log of every interaction with your
contacts. See your activity history at a glance,
so when you next come to talk to a contact,
you can pick up exactly where you left off.
Don’t let your relationships fade - set
reminders to follow-up on a regular basis.


Don’t let anyone slip
under your radar

As your network grows, keeping in touch with
each contact can be a challenge.
With Xpo CRM, you don’t need to hunt for
information. Search for a specific contact or
create a custom list using filters to make sure
nobody slips through the cracks.