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Hiring managers around the world use Xpo Tools to find,
attract and retain top talent.

Smart Search

Find your perfect employee

Find and filter candidates by key information,
such as Personality Traits, skill proficiencies,
and more. Gain an insight into each
candidate’s cultural suitability at the start of
the hiring process to eliminate unsuitable
applicants before the interview stage.

Talent Profiles

When you need someone yesterday

Choose from a pool of qualified, interested
candidates as soon as the need arises, and
reinforce your team with top talent.


Focus on who matters

Track applicant journeys through the
hiring process with the Candidate Pipeline.
Organise your Talent Pool using Circles
and better manage your vacancies.
Monitor employee performance and training to
boost productivity and engagement.


Hire for attitude,
train for skill

Profiles on Xpo incorporate personality traits , which
helps you to select the applicants that are most
likely to be a good fit for your company culture.

Dashboard & Insights

Make informed decisions with KPIs

View your employee ratings, performance
reviews and employment summary at a glance.
Establish team strengths to maximise efficiency
and productivity. Insights offer valuable
statistics and information about your job
adverts and company page performance,
helping you to attract top talent.

Free job adverts

Find your ideal candidate faster

Specify your ideal candidate’s personality traits,
skill proficiencies, experience and other key
requirements to ensure you only receive
applications from the most suitable candidates.

Every ad you post on Xpo will be automatically listed
on leading job boards, maximising your reach.

How it works

1. Find candidates

Find the most suitable employees for your company based on their
personality traits and professional credentials using Smart Search.
Post unlimited free job adverts and attract loyal employees who are
compatible with your company culture.

Every ad you post will be automatically listed on leading job boards.

2. Build your talent pool

Activate your Career Inbox and create your Talent Profiles to build a
pool of qualified passive candidates for future hiring needs.

3. Manage candidates and employees

Use the HR CRM to effectively track applicant journeys
from application to hire. Monitor employee performance and
training to boost productivity and engagement.

Introduction to Xpo-Online HR Tools

Create unlimited free job
adverts on Xpo-Online.

All your ads will be posted on leading job boards.