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Company buyers around the world use Xpo Tools to find suppliers,
improve cost base and foster strategic partnerships.


Give yourself an unfair advantage

Find and contact the best suppliers, whether
they’re around the corner or half the world
Source from companies who offer the best
products, prices and service to gain a
competitive edge.


Have a backup plan

Minimise your risk of supply disruptions and
maintain business continuity by building a
pool of backup suppliers. Be found by
prospective suppliers and negotiate better
offers to increase profitability.


Build strategic partnerships

Take the effort out of managing and nurturing
supplier relationships. Foster strategic
partnerships with key suppliers, effectively
monitor supplier performance and minimise
the risk of disruptions.

Dashboard & Insights

Make informed decisions with KPIs

View your supplier performance, prospective supplier
pool and contact history at a glance. Focus on your
suppliers in a timely manner to ensure the best
prices and continuity of supply. Insights offer
valuable statistics and information about your
Purchase Enquiries and company page performance,
allowing you to do more of what works.

Purchase Enquiries

Time is money

Finding great suppliers doesn’t have to be hard
work. We find the suppliers that best match your
requirements and notify them of your interest, so all
you have to do is choose the offer that suits
you the most.

Task Manager

Keep your cool

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by
your never-ending list of tasks.
Inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix, Xpo Task
automatically ranks your to-do list by
urgency and importance to help you organise
your day in the most productive way.

How it works

1. Find suppliers

Whether you’re looking for manufacturers, wholesalers or
importers, use Smart Search to find and connect with suppliers.
Alternatively, create a Purchase Enquiry and let Xpo do the rest.

2. Build your supplier pool

Create Purchase Profiles for the products you buy to let prospective
suppliers find and contact you.

3. Foster strategic partnerships

Build and maintain strategic partnerships with key suppliers,
effectively monitor supplier performance and minimise the risk
of disruptions with the Supplier CRM.

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