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Sales professionals around the world use Xpo Tools to generate leads,
build relationships and close more deals.

Smart Search

Find just the right customers

Maximise revenue and increase conversion by
reaching out to the most qualified prospects.
Find and filter prospects by key information,
such as supply chain level and industry
segment to ensure you always target the
right customers.

Sales Profiles

Never miss an opportunity

Showcase your products and services around the clock. Whilst you’re busy closing deals, we’ll be busy
showing you off to potential customers who
are looking for what you sell.

Customer crm

Focus on who matters

Boost sales and growth whilst driving customer loyalty. Organise your contact database using Circles
to better target your sales and digital marketing. Xpo
Customer CRM is easy-to-use and integrated across the platform, so it can be used both individually and collaboratively within teams.

Dashboard & Insights

Make informed decisions with KPIs

View your sales pipeline, revenue forecast and
customer contact history at a glance.
Focus on clients and prospects in a timely manner
to maximise revenue. Insights offer valuable
statistics and information about your Sales Profiles
and company page performance, allowing you to
do more of what works.

Lead Generator

Grow your sales pipeline

Reach out to company buyers with purchase
authority using the Lead Generator tool.
Send tailored digital campaigns to generate
interest and receive enquiries from
prospective customers.

Task Manager

Keep your cool

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by
your never-ending list of tasks.
Inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix, Xpo Task automatically ranks your to-do list by
urgency and importance to help you organise
your day in the most productive way.

How it works

1. List your products

Create Sales Profiles for the products and services you sell and start
receiving enquiries from interested buyers.

2. Start finding customers

Find the right customers for your business using Smart Search.
Reach out to prospective buyers with tailored digital campaigns
using the Lead Generator tool.

3. Nurture relationships and grow sales

Boost sales and growth whilst driving customer loyalty with the
integrated CRM. Effectively manage customer relationships from
anywhere, any time.

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