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Professionals around the world use Xpo Task Manager
to boost their productivity.


Be productive,
not just busy

Xpo Task pushes you to question whether a
task is really necessary, helping you to
eliminate time wasting activities.
Priority View arranges your tasks into three
groups based on urgency and importance:
First Priority, Second Priority and Can Be
Delegated, so you can focus your time on the
most important tasks in your list.


Focus on what
matters the most

Sort your to-do list by due date, urgency,
importance or progress.
This gives you ultimate flexibility in deciding
which tasks are most important and relevant
for you to accomplish your goals.


Achieve more,

Share the workload and delegate tasks to
colleagues, friends and family.
Use notes and attach files to send the most
comprehensive brief. Set reminders, monitor
progress and use the internal messaging
feature to keep your projects on track.


Organise your personal
and professional life

Use folders and subfolders to organise your tasks
in the way that works best for you.
Grouping your tasks helps you meet deadlines,
achieve better work-life balance, and reduce stress.


Never miss
another deadline

Don’t let your to-dos overwhelm you.
Set single or recurring reminders to
ensure every task is attended to in a
timely manner and avoid any last
minute stress or panic.